September is upon us, and the cooler weather is more apparent in the evenings and mornings. Even though summer is pretty much over…don’t forget your garden just yet, because August & September is the prime bulb planning time! When you plant bulbs now, you give them head start to develop a strong root system over the winter. You will have your first blooms early in the spring if you spend a little more time preparing now.

We can advise you on which bulbs to choose and will prepare your landscaping for bulbs by choosing a well-drained area with ample sun exposure. Adding compost or other organic materials into the soil will provide the bulbs with a nutrient rich growing environment that they will use while developing their roots. We will plant the bulbs that you choose before the ground freezes for the first time. Keeping space in between the bulbs is important for growth and design. Some clients go for a sporadic feel and others like to cluster their bulbs together. Fertilization and hydration is the last part of the process, make sure that you water frequently to give your bulbs the best chance for growth!

If doing your own gardening is a tough task for you or something you don’t have time for, consider hiring HRL to take care of the trouble. Every HRL landscape design is drawn out based on your specific landscaping tastes and functional needs and is used as a guideline for landscape installation and construction.

Whether you want a spectacular complex design or a more conservative landscape design, the design team from HRL will design your home landscape to fit your particular needs and dreams.