Our goal is to design and install an amazing landscape, that is best suited for your needs. Understanding needs and functionality is the first step that we take when designing a residential landscape. How will you and your family use the space? Does the homeowner want a design conducive to entertaining guests? Will there be an area for outdoor cooking and dining? When designing your outdoor oasis, consider heeding the following design process tips.

1. Features of the Project: What are your ideas about some landscape features, such as fire pits, waterfalls, pergolas, etc? Are you extending a patio or walkway? Are you thinking about a privacy screen to keep the neighbors out? Is a fireplace a must have? Deciding on which larger features you would like to incorporate into your yard, will give us a good idea for flow and will give you a realistic idea on the cost. This is integral in the design process and decisions on there features of the project are important. For example, adding a fireplace after a patio and plantings have been designed, may change the entire design of the area.

2. Function and Form: Synergy between the landscape features and the rest of the yard is where the design really comes into play. The flow between these features, the plantings and walkways play a huge part in how someone experiences your outdoor area.

3. Design Options: We love listening, so we want to know what you think about a proposed design. We encourage customers not to settle on the first design. Asking questions and providing meaningful feedback is crucial for the project!

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