Did you know that too much or too little water can harm your lawn? For example, if your lawn gets small amounts of water frequently, this will cause grass to grow shallow roots, which can mean trouble in hot and dry weather.

During hot summer months, when there is extended periods of no rainfall and extended heat, natural rainfall should be supplemented.

When Should I Water My Lawn?

No watering should be done during the hottest part of the day 11a to 3p. Don’t water at night, as this could make conditions for mildew and fungal growth. The best time to water is in the early morning, between 6am and 10am. During this time, there is no hot sun and less wind, plus your lawn has a full day to dry.

How Much Do I water My Grass?

Water your grass about ½ inch, twice per week. Depending on the type of sprinklers you have, this could take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.

Is My Grass Dead if it’s Brown?

If your grass is off color and brown between small patches of fading green, it’s not dead-just dormant. Grass will turn brown and go dormant if there is prolonged drought. Grass is quite resilient and will often bounce back after extended periods of drought.  As soon as there will be ample rainfall and cooler temperatures, grass will become green again. One thing to consider; when grass goes dormant, try to limit the foot traffic, as dormant lawns don’t do well with lots of traffic.

If you have any questions about your lawn watering schedule or the best ways to water your lawn, contact us, we would be happy to help!