Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Overview

Looking for a landscape company in Bergen or Passaic County to maintain your home or business lawn and outdoor areas? HRL is your source for complete lawn and landscape maintenance in Northern New Jersey. Whether your property needs year round maintenance or occasional upkeep, all of our customers receive the same level of care and attention to detail. Henry Rogacki Landscaping has been providing landscape services throughout Bergen County, NJ since 1993.

Spring Clean Up

After a long Winter your landscape can use a good a clean up to prepare it for the warm months ahead. We’ll pick up any fallen branches, leaves and other debris from your property and blow out the beds. Giving the lawn a light de-thatching will lift the grass blades and loosen small debris that blowing alone can’t get out. All your shrubs and trees will be examined for broken or dead branches and pruned or removed as necessary. Plant beds will be given a nice crisp edge.

Lawn Maintenance

Each week, from mid-April through the end of October, a team of landscape professionals will come to your property to mow, trim and edge the lawn areas, and blow any debris off of your patio, steps, walkways and driveway. All clippings and debris are picked up and hauled away.

Shrub Pruning

All plants require some pruning to control size, direct growth, repair and prevent damage. Our crews will prune your shrubs and small ornamental trees using the proper method at the appropriate time to maintain their health and keep the landscape looking great for years to come.

Fall Clean Up

Once the leaves start falling, maintenance crews will blow them off as necessary to mow the lawn. Beginning in November we focus on removing the heavy build-up of leaves from lawn and traffic areas of your property. Perennials and ornamental grasses are cut back at this time and annuals are removed. A final clean is performed when the majority of trees are bare.


A three inch layer of mulch in your plant beds will help to maintain moisture and control weeds during the growing season as well as balance the temperature of the root zone during the Winter. There are several types of mulch to choose from, such as cedar, hemlock, mixed hardwood and black or brown dyed.

Bed Maintenance

We also offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly bed maintenance services to keep your whole landscape looking great. This service is based on the needs of each individual property and can include weed removal, perennial splitting and transplanting, deadheading flowers as well as planting annuals and perennials.