We’ve been very lucky these past few months with warmer than usual temperatures. Gardeners everywhere are rejoicing for more time in the garden and taking this time to beautify their yards while they still can. We may not be this lucky every year, so take a look at our tips for preparing your landscape to be beautiful year round.
Incorporating some of the accents below can help to make your landscape beautiful in the winter, even if we don’t have as much time to prepare as we do now. Consider adding these accents to your landscaping ahead of time:
• Berries – The dramatic look for bright red holly berries against the white background of snow is an eye pleasing look no one can deny. Using different trees or bushes that produce berries can add a little accent of color throughout the winter.
• Evergreens- Since these trees don’t lose their colors during the winter, you can always count on their pure green or blue green colors to create a focal point in your yard that will take away from the drabness of the winter.
• Bark – Many forget that there are some beautiful bark textures and colors out there. It’s a good idea to accent with eye catching bark to create a distraction from the barren branches on the trees.
• Planters/Arbors – Don’t put away those planters and arbors just yet. These can be used season after season in a different manor. Using twigs, sprigs of evergreens, holly clippings and other fun add-ons can give these pieces a whole new feel. Consider planting something the birds can enjoy in the winter just outside your window in a window box.
Use our tips on accenting your landscape for winter and enjoy the look all season long. Next year, plan ahead and plant these types of accents in preparation for their use season after season. If you need a little more help with this or can’t find the time, consider contacting the professionals here at HRLandscaping.